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Bonewoman  Outsider  Art
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 " Imagine being in the third grade, and your teacher holds up your painting to your class and says, This is how you do not paint a flower.” 

The shame I felt jumped into me for years and years and I would never even consider picking up a paintbrush.  And then nine years ago, I had what Carl Jung would consider “an archetypal dream” — a big dream that changed my life.  

In the dream, I was flying through the Grand Canyon and I was holding this huge paintbrush. I was painting these images on the Grand Canyon wall, images that looked like the cave paintings of the Lascaux cave site in France. Then this very old woman with long white hair emerged from the canyon walls;  she grabbed my paint brush, and  said, “Follow me!”  This dream led me to explore process painting/expressive arts painting, meaning to simply allowing the images of your psyche to come through with no judgment or goals of producing a painting.  And so I did. I embarked upon a year-long expressive arts training with Chris Zydel.   ( )  


My painting journey with Chris opened the portals for me to trust the deep psyche and to allow these images to flow from the brush to the canvas. As Chris states on her website,  "She  makes it safe for you to explore the invisible realms of your imagination." And thus begin the journey of becoming an "Outsider Artist." Since then, I have become an international selling outsider artist, with shows in Milan, New York City, and the Monterey Peninsula.  

Recently I was interviewed for the premier online outsider art journal:

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What is outsider Art ?
Intuit, a premier museum of an outsider and self-taught art, defines “Outsider Art” as “the work of artists who demonstrate little influence from the mainstream art world and who are, instead, motivated by their unique personal visions.”

First, outsider artists have no formal training —meaning they did not attend art school or have academic art instruction. Many of these artists are not aware of artwork in museums or art galleries. Their work is created outside of 

mainstream fine art. Outsider artists simply create for themselves, in order to make sense of their experiences, interests, and the world around them. Outsider artists engage with their surroundings on their own terms and do not follow the rules of the art world. Usually, they do not worry about what other people are going to think of their work. Many outsider artists are known as “visionary artists.” Some create art because they believe they have received a message from God, or some other spiritual or intelligence source. These artists have a strong inner vision and feel compelled to create their art. Often, art is driven by impulse, obsession, or religious inspiration.

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