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Bone Stone Cowrie Shell divination  training

All ancient cultures have had diviners; modern culture has lost this art. The longing for knowing today isn’t gone. Divination is a ritual, an age-old practice. It’s a process whereby the diviner goes to the Other World to take a look back at this world.  The purpose of divination is to help the divine bring her/his medicine into this world, to help uncover a person’s gifts. Every person is a genius. Every person comes with wounds that block this genius. Our journey is logged in at birth but we get off course. Divination adjusts the course through the help of the ancestors, and is aimed at healing and protecting the divine so that person’s genius can blossom.

~Malidoma Some

 The ancestors have spoken and I am listening:  Do you long to come home to the wisdom of your ancestors, primordial feminine, and spirits of the elemental beings?  This is an invitation to learn the ancient art of bone, stones, and cowrie shell divination. You will become a tracker of the soul, to help others come home to their own true nature.  You will learn how to divine, prescribe rituals for healing, & to also facilitate rituals in your community, in your work, and in your family. You are being invited to step into your BoneWoman archetypal energies. This is a twelve-month long training and we will gather monthly via zoom. Space is limited to nine women.  

offering is $4000.00
( monthly payments can be arranged )
In Memory Of  Malidoma Some :



You could hear the death cry echo through the villages, the women beating their chest, pulling their hair, keening, howling, tears flooding the dusty roads marking the end and the beginning!

All of creation came to a standstill, the vultures circled then landed on top of the ancestor hut, sitting in a silent row, waiting, watching. The goats, chickens, and cows as if on cue knew what was to come, took their place in the spiral of eternity, knowing it was their turn to feed the dead. Blood spilled upon the earth; She took a big drink and opened up her womb to receive Her son, Malidoma Some. 

The drummer, the dancers, the elders, the kontombles, the genies, the sisters, the brothers, the friends, the family all begin the pilgrimage for the funeral rites. 

The ancestors in the otherworld walked to the edges between here and there and peered over and said, “We too shall prepare for our son, our grandson, our grandfather to return.  

A celebration in this world and the other began and did not end until the last beat of the drum struck a chord that vibrated into the bones and hearts of the grieving. More holy tears poured from our eyes and a river of salt and sea delivered Malidoma into the arms of his ancestors who welcomed him home with joy, love & grand celebration. And the ancestors chanted, my beloved son, “You kept the promise you made before you were born to bring others home to remember their purpose and gifts. You made friends with the enemy and left a legacy of beauty and healing for so many. 

Welcome Home!  Welcome Home!



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