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Standing Stones Sanctuary

Circle of Women - Standing Stones
I made a pilgrimage to Ireland in 2013 to visit my ancestors and the many circles of stones through out the land.

Part of my pilgrimage was to visit John O’ Donohue’s  gravesite in Ballyvaughan

After the visit to the boneyard, I had a dream that night that twelve large boulders were sitting on my land, with a thirteenth stone in the middle, and John O’ Donohue said to me, “Lean your ear into the stones, listen to their stone songs, and tell the stories.”  It was one of those dreams that rattles you to the bone.. 

Learn more about John O'Donohue here :

Standing Stones Placement.png

Upon returning home a few weeks later ,


I had a chance encounter with a dear friend, and I shared about my journey to Ireland and my dream.  He said, “I just completed a design job in Carmel Valley, I have  these extra boulders I cannot use for the project, would you like to have this truckload of stones?”  And thus, Standing Stones Sanctuary was born!   Standing Stones Sanctuary is a sacred ritual ground to honor rites of passage in women’s lives


Women come a long way to find me!

They cross my threshold and whisper secrets that have never been told. They unveil their bodies & souls to me, exposing their physical, mental, and spiritual scars. I love a woman’s soul! I love battered, scarred; ripped-open parts of a woman. I know this sacred territory! I have lived there too, so when She stands at my door, I say “Welcome, welcome home, you are not alone! I know you: you are the virgin that never got to be a virgin, you are the woman that never got to grieve the loss of a loved one, you are the woman raped, battered, betrayed, you are the mother that never got to give birth, you are the old hag with so much wisdom but nobody wants to listen to your heart’s song. I know you, I know you! Every fucking part of you is welcome in my heart & home! I will bring you to the sacred stones, we will find our way together through the dark night of the soul & I promise you, I will be there when you emerge, looking into your eyes saying, I know you, I love you, I welcome you home, I welcome your magnificent, powerful woman bad to the bone self. The world needs your medicine to make Her whole again.” I am in awe of the beauty that I am allowed to witness when I am standing in the circle of stones with the women! BoneWoman!

Most indigenous cultures have rites of passage to honor moving from one stage of life to another. 

We are a culture lacking in rituals to mark major transitions in our lives, creating a deep longing to be seen and witnessed. I facilitate rituals of healing for women, and women’s groups at Standing Stones Sanctuary: rites of passage for maidens, mothers, queens, and crones, rituals to honor your sacred body, rituals to mark the end of a marriage, rituals for calling forth a child into your womb, or to honor the loss of a child.  Many of us stand at the crossroads longing to take that next step in our lives but are unsure which direction to go. As a diviner, I can divine the rituals that the Deep Soul is longing for. There are many ways to come home to your divine birthright to live a joyful, profound, soulful life in the circle of stones through the power of ritual. 

  Ritual Offering for 1/2 day - $500.00   
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