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Paint, Play, & Pray with BoneWoman

 " Genius has the root meaning of ‘the spirit that is already there.’ As such it points to the inner uniqueness and natural giftedness that enters the world with each person born. When seen as a cohering thread in each life, inner genius serves to weave together a person’s innate talents and abilities while also revealing one’s purpose in life. If people are to find creative ways of living together and healing both culture and nature, the awakening of individual genius may be the deepest and most imaginative way to approach the seemingly impossible tasks that face contemporary cultures."    


- Michael Mead


Many years ago, I had a dream of an ancient woman,

she was about 3 feet tall, and she had so many wrinkles on her face you could barely see her eyes. She looks like a rock a billion years old! I began to talk to this old one and she began to tell me stories!

I danced; I sang; I painted; I created sacred altars for this ancient one! I knew in my bones she was the one that was standing beside me when I slid into this world, and she has never left me! I hold her hand and we walk together every single day of my life — my imaginary friend — I really never let go of her hand!

She continues to guide my hand when I paint when I am in ritual space when I am dancing, singing, and when I am telling stories. This is an invitation to invoke the spirits, genies, kontombles, angels, ancestors, and the ancient ones through ritual, song, dance, and expressive arts.

Learn how to invite the magical, mystical, mysterious otherworld into your life to bring more healing and magic, and to manifest the dreams of your heart!  Learn how to invoke the Spirit that follows you to bring healing to yourself, your family, and the world!   Learn how to return to the wisdom of your imagination, to embrace your guiding spirits,  your genies, your free-soul, your animal-soul, your wild woman soul!    Zoom classes and in person! 

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