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Bonewoman Speaks

     Bonewoman Speaks 
    Wisdom Keeper of the Ancient Ways
Reda Rackley​

Diviner, Soothsayer, Seer

Reda Rackley, aka BoneWoman, is an internationally respected and loved teacher, oracle, diviner, mythologist, storyteller, writer, and “outsider artist”. 

Reda received her B.A. in Psychology with a special focus on Women’s Spirituality. She graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara with an M.A. in Mythology and Depth Psychology.

Reda Rackley In Antler Chair
Divining Wisdom

Standing Stones Sanctuary

We are a culture lacking rituals to mark major transitions in our lives, creating a deep longing to be seen and witnessed. I facilitate rituals of healing for women, and women’s groups at Standing Stones Sanctuary: rites of passage for maidens, mothers, queens, and crones, rituals to honor your sacred body, rituals to mark the end of a marriage, rituals for calling forth a child into your womb, or to honor the loss of a child.


Many of us stand at the crossroads longing to take that next step in our lives but are unsure which direction to go. As a diviner, I can divine the rituals that the Deep Soul is longing for. There are many ways to come home to your divine birthright to live a joyful, profound, soulful life in the circle of stones through the power of ritual.

Workshops & 

Learn how to invite the magical, mystical, mysterious otherworld into your life to bring more healing and magic, and manifest the dreams of your heart! Learn how to invoke the Spirit that follows you to bring healing to yourself, your family, and the world!

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Bone Woman is Mother Earth Incarnate. She is fierce in her commitment to all those who come to her. She possesses a magnificent gift for encouraging others to unveil their own unique medicine; so that they may commit to bringing forth their own healing, power, and magnificence with confidence.

She is healer, nurturer, mother, sister, grandmother, teacher, and friend. I heard her call. Spirit dropped the invitation from Bone Woman to my door. I answered the call and went to her not knowing why or what was to come. My life will never be the same and I am eternally grateful. Through her tender loving care, I have awakened to my own medicine and magic. It was always there but until I met bonewoman, I couldn’t or wouldn’t let myself hear it.

If you seek empowerment, awakening, and self-actualization, if you long to be loved, to be truly seen, and recognized...follow your heart to the heart of Bone Woman. She will lead you to discover and embrace your full potential to be and love all that you are!           


- Colleen Doll, Diviner & Healer

The Wisdom of Ritual

Bone Divination is a form of deep consultation with the “Other World.” It is a sacred method of addressing questions of relationship, health, purpose, and unresolved issues in one’s life. When I open the portal

through a powerful invocation with my bell & rattle, the ancestors immediately reveal themselves through the objects, or through the oracle that I channel, to deliver messages of healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

The beauty of the ancient art of Bone Divination is not only done you receive messages from the Other World but specific rituals, which are prescribed to bring you in alignment with your soul’s deepest desires. The rituals become the alchemical territory where the magic happens. The elemental forces, ancestors, and spirit guides are invoked, and they come rushing forth to assist the living to bring more beauty and healing to their own lives, and to the world.


Bonewoman Art 

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